Legend Bins

Legend Grain & Fertilizer Bins

Standard Equipment and Features:

  • Fertilizer bins feature 2 part epoxy paint Interior coating
  • All bins include a sandblasted prep. and topcoat with 2 part epoxy paint
  • 35 Degree Roof and 40 Degree Hopper Cone
  • Ladder with safety grip step
  • Rack and Pinion bottom gate with adjustable hand crank
  • Vented Roof Lid
  • Optional 21” wide skid foundation for unmatched strength and stability
  • Adjustable rack & pinion slide gate assembly.  Includes adjustable leg/slide gate handle
  • Slidegate Clearance to ground: 32 3/8” with skid, 28” with no skid
  • Legend Air System built into the structure of bin