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GSI ROI Calculator

Farm on your own terms. Storing grain on your farm gives you more control of your operation. On-farm systems save time and offer marketing flexibility that increases your profitability.

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See how much more you can earn with on-farm grain storage solutions from GSI. Start by selecting a crop and entering the number of acres and anticipated yield.

How much more can you earn with on-farm storage?

Taking grain directly to the elevator takes you away from your fields - and money from your pocket. Avoid lines, fees and the hassle with on-farm storage from GSI. Built for efficiency and flexibility, so you can capture the market carry and market your grain on your own schedule. See how much more you can earn by storing your grain on-farm.

Store at the Elevator    (Costs not associated with GSI on-farm storage.)

Storage cost/bushel/month
Months of Storage
Wait Time Costs
(Hourly wage x Average wait time x # of truckloads)
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